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Crystal Infused Candles

Our Owner

Hello Im Ericka Owner of Burden Beauty Boutique.  I’m a creative, free spirited soul. Mesmerizing crystals, energy healing and aromatherapy are the passions behind what I make. I love to come home to a warm, inviting space and my products are created to do just that! I strongly believe self-care is invaluable, so take time to relax and purify your mind, body and soul. I want you to awaken your inner goddess through self-love and make no apologies for your wild heart. Enjoy everything earth has to offer .

Thank you for showing support for Burden Beauty Boutique , I couldn’t follow my passion if it wasn't for supporters like you .

Our candles

burden beauty boutique prides themself on making sure ever spell candle is tailored to you buy making them once they are ordered and not making them in bulk burden beauty give 100 to her candles  from the ones she picks to cleansing them then making sure they are fully charged and ready for their new homes you'll always feel the energy and love from her candles .


Gorgeous, well-made intention candles and stones! Made another purchase that I can't wait to receive and will make other purchases in the future! She puts a lot of time and effort into crafting each candle for each specific person. She is far from a hoax and takes her spirituality serious.